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Bitomic Version 2: Release Notes

Owen PhillipsOwen Phillips in News·Thu Jul 04 2019
Bitomic Version 2: Release Notes

We are always working hard at Bitomic to make managing your crypto portfolio as simple as possible. Version 2 (Foundation) of our portfolio management app is now live. For this release we focused on strengthening the app's foundation to provide a platform for us to build on for years to come. We concentrated on tightening up the code base, increasing performance and capturing the most precise data as possible and feel satisfied that we achieved our goals.

More features from this release:

  • Massive user interface improvements.
  • Better portfolio allocation overview.
  • Binance exchange connections now supported.
  • Switch between hourly/ daily/weekly/monthly performance charts and stats.
  • Significantly faster portfolio loading when logging in.
  • Perfected small screen size support.

What we are working on:

  • Support for Kraken and HitBTC exchange connections.
  • Historic portfolio snapshot storage.
  • Powerful email alerts for coin prices and portfolio performance.
  • View transactions history on each exchange you connect to.
  • And much more.

Help us out and retweet this on twitter if you are as excited as us about this release and stay tuned for more great features coming soon!

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