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Introducing Bitomic's Crypto Portfolio Manager

Owen PhillipsOwen Phillips in News·Fri Jun 14 2019
Introducing Bitomic's Crypto Portfolio Manager

After over a year in development, I am excited to introduce Bitomic's crypto portfolio manager. Built from the ground up to make tracking and managing your crypto portfolio as simple as possible.

We created Bitomic with the idea in mind that one of the greatest challenges crypto faces in reaching mass adoption is its difficulty for non-technical people to use and manage it. So we designed and continue to improve our portfolio manager to simplify your day to day use of crypto.

Check out what you can do with Bitomic right now

  • Built for all devices and screen sizes (Phone, Tablet, Laptop, TV).

  • Access your portfolio anywhere there is internet access.

  • Multiple portfolios with one account.
  • See your balance in 7 different currencies (USDT, BTC, ETH, etc.).
  • Manually add and delete transactions (Automatic exchange support coming soon).
  • Performance stats (24-hour performance, best and worst asset, etc.).
  • Portfolio allocation breakdown.
  • Blazing fast and extremely accurate coin prices (Direct from the exchanges).

Here is what we're working on next

  • Automatic exchange imports (Binance, HitBTC, Kraken)
  • Emailed alerts (crypto price and portfolio performance)
  • Emailed portfolio summaries
  • More cryptos to track
  • More display currencies
  • Tax reports
  • Night and day modes
  • And lots more!

Let us know what you think, comment below with your feedback and suggestions! Let's make crypto simple!

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Bitomic is a cryptocurrency portfolio management app built to make managing your crypto as simple as possible.
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